USDA Extends Free School Meals Until Sept. 30

Right now, up to 12 million children are living in households where they may not always have enough to eat. These critically needed summer meals will provide relief to many children in families who have been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and are fighting daily to put food on the table.

Summer meal sites are places where children and youth age 18 and under can receive meals at no cost in a safe environment. The meals are also available to persons over age 18 with mental or physical disabilities. Sites may be located in a variety of settings including schools, parks, community centers, libraries, churches and more.

The USDA announced Tuesday that it would extend federal waivers to allow students access to free school meals until Sept. 30. 

These steps will ensure free meals are offered to all American schoolchildren when schools are out over the summer, in an effort to reach more of the estimated 12 million youths experiencing food insecurity.

The waivers allow meals to be served at no cost, outside group settings and mealtimes, allowing parents and guardians to pick up multiple days of food at once in some school districts and without their children’s presence.

Read the USDA press release here.