State Education Department Releases NYS Physical Education Learning Standards (2020) Roadmap and New Resources

The New York State Physical Education Learning Standards reflect a process of review that involved numerous educators over two years. These new standards are the framework for the development of knowledge, skills, and social-emotional learning that enables students to become healthy, physically literate adults. In tandem with the release of the Physical Education Learning Standards, the Department will publish a three-year implementation plan in three phases: Build Awareness; Build Capacity; and Full Implementation.

The important connection between physical and mental health toward the overall wellness of a child was a critical consideration in this project. As a result, the New York State Physical Education Learning Standards reflect both the NYS Social Emotional Benchmarks and the NYS Mental Health Education initiative. This provides physical educators the opportunity to support school districts' efforts to contribute to the goal of overall wellness. The National Wellness Institute identifies the following six dimensions of wellness: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and occupational. These dimensions are revealed in the anchor standards and grade-level outcomes.