CDC 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Results and NYSCSH Resources To Help You Use Them Are Now Available

NYSCSH Infographic Cover

The CDC has released the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Results which share what youth in grades 9-12 say about their health practices. The information provides a powerful look at risk-factors that can be addressed to decrease long-term health consequences.  

The NYSCSH conducts the YRBS and the SHP for NYS. We have taken the data NYS schools have provided and created a packet of infographics that highlights key health risk behaviors and resources school staff, students, and parents can use to reduce them. CDC information on the links between health and academics is also provided. 

Click here to view the NYS 2019 YRBS Results and Infographics

Additional resources

The CDC has also created a new way to look at the YRBS data that is simple and visual. The  YRBS Explorer, a user-friendly data application featuring national, state, and local YRBS data via tables and graphs. This tool provides a quick, visual way of obtaining the data you need to share with your class.
Click here to view this useful tool.

We encourage you to visit the Center's YRBS webpage that includes YRBS background, survey information, and results. The information can help school districts, schools, parents, and guardians understand the value of the YRBS and how it impacts NYS.
Click here to view it now.