Free Training on Supporting Students in the Classroom: Return to Learn After Concussion

The Brain Injury Association of NYS is offering two webinars on supporting students with concussions. 

Tuesday, September 29th, 5:30- 6 pm

  • Update to Supporting Students recovering from Concussions: tips for virtual learning.  This 30-minute webinar will discuss education adjustments to consider in the age of full time or part-time virtual learning that is occurring in many schools right now. .50 CTLE available
  • Link to sign up:

Wednesday,  September 30th, 4-6 pm

  • Supporting Students in the Classroom: Return to Learn.  This two-hour presentation will cover the science of concussions, current policies about concussions and schools, adjustments schools and teachers can make, and tips for handling a concussion in the virtual world.  2.0 CTLE available. 
  • Link to sign up:

Direct questions to:

Michelle Kellen, M.Ed.

Professional Development Manager

p: 518-459-7911 

help line: 1-800-444-6443