New Educational Resource on Vaping from the American Lung Association Now Available

End the Youth Vaping Epidemic The American Lung Association's initiative to end the youth vaping epidemic launched on September 1, 2020, with an integrated, multi-component approach to support parents, schools and students. Resources include:

"Get Your Head Out of the Cloud" is a youth vaping awareness campaign from the American Lung Association and the Ad Council to provide parents with a simple roadmap to address the dangers of vaping. The campaign offers free educational resources including a conversation guide on our website,

The American Lung Association's Vape-Free Schools Initiative will help schools support students impacted by e-cigarettes. As a member of the Vape-Free Schools initiative, schools will learn to navigate the youth vaping crisis by learning to implement INDEPTH®, an alternative to suspension and Not-On-Tobacco®  (N-O-T) a vaping/tobacco cessation program.

These resources have been added to the Center's E-cigarette and Vaping Resource page here.