NYS Board of Regents and NYSED Announce Four Virtual Regional School Reopening Task Force Meetings

The NYS Board of Regents and NYSED announced four virtual Regional School Reopening Task Force meetings that will take place this month. Each meeting will include experts and stakeholders from the fields of health and education who will provide their expertise, answer questions, and give feedback to the Board of Regents and NYSED to help guide schools and school districts in the safe reopening of their schools.

The first meeting will be held on Monday, June 15, and will be hosted by Chancellor Rosa, Vice Chancellor Brown, Regent Collins, Mittler and Norwood, and Interim Commissioner Shannon Tahoe. Both the opening session and the closing report out session will be live-streamed and can be accessed on NYSED's home page. Recordings of the meetings will be available on NYSED's website approximately two to three business days after the meetings. You can read more about the meetings and the task force members on the NYSED website. http://www.nysed.gov/reopening…/regional-task-force-meetings