INFORMATIONAL MESSAGE: 2019 School Immunization Final Rule

The final rule reflects emergency regulations published on August 16, 2019 and renewed on November 14, 2019. In addition, four technical amendments were made to the final rule in response to feedback received during the public comment period:

• Acceptable serologic tests for poliomyelitis immunity were clarified to “positive serologic tests, as defined in subdivision (h) of this section, for all three serotypes of poliomyelitis, performed prior to September 1, 2019.”

• The definition of “in process” with regards to serologic testing was clarified to “a child has had blood drawn for a serologic test and is awaiting test results within 14 days after the blood draw.”

• Timing of exclusion of students no longer “in process” was clarified to “must be excluded from school within 14 days after the minimum interval identified by the ACIP catch-up schedule”, consistent with NYSDOH guidance issued on October 4, 2019.

• The reference located in subparagraph (ii) of paragraph (4) of subdivision (c) of section 66-1.2 was corrected to “subdivision (l) of section 66-1.1 of this Subpart.” 

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