New NYSED Guidance for HIV/AIDS Prevention Education

New NYSED Guidance for HIV/AIDS Prevention Education

The New York State Education Department Commissioner’s regulation §135.3 (a), (b) and (c) require that appropriate instruction concerning acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) be taught as part of the sequential health education program in grades K-6, and as part of a required health education course in grades 7-8, and grades 9-12.

This new guidance provides educators with a framework for developing up to date health curricula on HIV/AIDS including prevention strategies and emphasizes education of the whole child utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach including district HIV/AIDS Councils, educators, health professionals, families, students and community partners. It includes information on the following areas:

  • NYSED Commissioner’s Regulation §135.3 and LEA Policies
  • Role of HIV/AIDS Advisory Council (Composition, Evaluation, and Communications)
  • Role of the Health Coordinator
  • Condom Availability Plan
  • Developing an Effective HIV/AIDS Curriculum
  • Professional Development
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Assessment and Sample Form

The Guidance can be accessed on the NYSCSH website under HIV/AIDS Resources and Health Education Curriculum and Instruction Page.

Questions related to health education curriculum should be directed to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction at