Is your district putting the pieces of Mental Health Education together? MHANYS has a guide to help!

The Mental Health Association in NYS, Inc.has released new resources to help schools integrate mental health in their curriculums. 

Those listed below and can be accessed on the MHANYS website.
The NYS Mental Health Education Assessment Guideguide was created for schools to use in its entirety or by selecting individual sections to best meet the needs of the district. The guide is best viewed online as it contains hyperlinks to “working” documents. The documents can be downloaded and printed, or downloaded and shared via a collaborative workspace to support multiple users. 

Use these tools to find out:

1. NYS Mental Health Education Framework Assessment Tool – Elementary
2. NYS Mental Health Education Framework Assessment Tool – Secondary 

Have you seen their Crosswalk of Mental Health Education with SEL, Health, PE and FACS standards?
Check out these resources  to learn more:

1. Summary Crosswalk of Mental Health Education w/SEL, Health, PE and FACS standards
2. Mental Health Education K-5 Crosswalk
3. Mental Health Education 6-12 Crosswalk

Is Mental Health Education integrated into secondary curriculum other than Health?
They have a worksheet to facilitate a team discussion about current practices and policies promoting mental health and wellness in your school: Exploring Mental Health Education and Initiatives in Schools and Districts
They also have a worksheet to Identify Mental Health Instruction/Awareness in MS/HS Classroom

Register here for a webinar on October 8 at 2:30 pm that will walk you through the resources