Did You Miss the the NYSED Webinar on 8/29/19 on Immunizations and School Attendance?

On August 29, Karen Hollowood, NYS Education Department Associate in School Nursing hosted a webinar on immunization requirements for school attendance for the 2019-2020 school year for students who had a previous religious exemption. Information includes school responsibilities, acceptable proof of immunizations, and timelines. This webinar was recorded and the link will be sent to all NYSCSH HIP email subscribers when available. If you are not a current subscriber- you can subscribe on the main page of our website.

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For up to date information on Immunization Requirements
Visit the YSDOH School Immunization Requirements Page for the NYSDOH Immunization for Attendance Chart, vaccination deadlines, Webinars|FAQs on Medical Exemptions, Parent Fact Sheets and everything schools and parents need for the 2019-20 school year. The 4th bullet on this NYSDOH page titled: School Vaccination Requirements is a new dedicated page for schools.  it contains the newest August 2019 FAQ.

Contact the NYSDOH Immunization Bureau at 518- 474-1944 or email them at osas@health.state.ny.us for immunization questions on previous vaccines, grace period, or validity of titers or questions related to the timing of doses such as age, grade or interval between doses or question such as:

  • Should live vaccines be given at the same time?
  • Are batch vaccines required or can they be spaced out?
  • Would a first dose, administered early in age, be considered a valid first dose regardless of when it was given?