One Year Anniversary of Implementation of Mental Health Instruction in School Legislation

Last year on July 1, NYS became the first in the nation to have a law that mandates the teaching of mental health instruction in school.  The work from the actual legislation passage has been significant but Commissioner Elia points out the bigger picture is about continuing to change the mindset in schools to create an entire school climate around mental health and wellness. Many schools have adopted that strategy moving forward. Other states have been modeling themselves on the New York framework.

MHANYS, through the leadership of Amy Molloy, the Director of the School Mental Health Resource and Training Center, has engaged almost seventy percent of school districts across New York State in regard to mental health in schools. Through the MHANY's  Resource Center and their affiliate networks, they have provided training to over 7000 people. In addition, their website, has received thousands of views from educators, students, families, and administrators. 

Half of all mental illnesses begin by the age of 14, according to the World Health Organization. Early intervention and treatment can help mitigate the impact of mental illness on the lives of young people. 

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