Mental Health Awareness Month: Focusing On Suicide Prevention Strategies For Our Youth

Why is it that suicide occurs so frequently in our young people?  There are likely to be many factors that contribute to the depression and hopelessness that characterizes suicidality.  

You Can Take Action:

  • We should make helping children to develop self-confidence, self-acceptance, and resiliency priorities in our society.  We can do that by helping children to understand that they will not "win" at everything.  When we teach children how to do their best, have different talents and skills, and that there will be adversity in life at times; then we teach them to be able to cope with the challenges of life, to celebrate the wins and, learn from the losses-and at the same time, to accept each other.
  • Let's give consideration to giving our children the gift of freedom from social media 24/7.  When our children are in school, they should not be engaged in social media-they should be learning and interacting positively with peers and adults in the educational environment.

Learn more by visiting the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website here.  

The Center has additional sources on our Mental Health page.