NYSCSH Releases New Learning Management System (LMS)

NYSCSH provides information and resources that inspire learning and growth through collaboration, consultation, and research-based training help you to maximize effectiveness and build local capacity. The NYSCSH LMS will:

  • Support your continuous improvement journey with research-based, engaging professional learning.
  • Provide meaningful, evidence-based professional development, customized for NYS. Recommendations and follow-up plans create momentum to fuel your improvement efforts and reach your goals.
  • Increase educator understanding of effective instructional practices and classroom environments that are conducive to student engagement and learning.
  • Help you create actionable strategies that cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Engage your leadership team in data-driven improvement planning with technical assistance and coaching support to conduct a diagnostic needs assessment.
  • Integrate research-based best practices that are vital to creating and sustaining superior academic programs.

All certificates provide 1 hour of professional development and/or CTLE. The NYSCSH LMS is hosted by Matrix and supported by Fusion Productions, the Center's e-learning consultant. 

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