New NASBE Resource Released on Student Safety and Wellness

The horrific school shootings in Florida and elsewhere in 2018 sparked new rounds of questioning across the country about how to prevent such tragedies and keep students safe.

The new issue of NASBE’s State Education Standard explores the web of issues that intersect student safety and wellness, including students’ physical, mental, social, and emotional health and the quality of their learning environment. Authors point out that policies to support the whole child can have lasting effects on student outcomes.

Articles in this issue include:
•Lessons Learned from Columbine
•Creating Healthy Schools: Students, Educators, and Policymakers Name Priorities
•The Science and Practice of Social and Emotional Learning: Implications for State Policymaking
•Policy and Practice for Trauma-Informed Schools
•State Leaders on Student Wellness
•Designing for Safety, Designing for Learning
•School Buildings: The Foundation for Student Health and Success
•The Role of Health Education

Download and read the full January 2019 issue of The State Education Standard