• Count Us In NYS
    Count Us In NYS Documentation Tools to Demonstrate the Value of School Nursing Services 
    In September school nurses should start collecting data with the tally sheets at the link below:
    Note: Vision and Hearing Referal and Outcome Data has been added to this collection form. Please include this information which will show the value school nurses provide in assuring students are healthy and ready to learn. This form has been designated by NYSED as the reporting tool for vision referral outcomes for NY Sees.  

    In June:
    • The Center will provide an online reporting form using Survey Monkey to allow districts/schools to share their data which will be aggregated across NYS and shared at the national level. 

    • Submit your District data via Survey Monkey
      District data may be voluntarily shared with NYSCSH using this Survey Monkey online collection form here.  
      This data will be shared in aggregate form only with the National Step Up and Be Counted Project Group to allow NYS data to be included in national data sets.

    • Instructions for completing the survey by the District Level Report are on the first page of the online survey and are also included below:
      Complete the survey using the District Reporter End of the Year Totals Form which contains the monthly totals of what happened to the student after they visited the health office (Home, Back to Class and 911 Call and Transport), the total number of students in the district and the total number diagnosed with asthma, T1 Diabetes, T2 Diabetes, seizure disorders and life-threatening allergies, and total RN and LPN FTEs. Enter the number located in the District Total column into the survey. These totals will be shared with the National Step Up & Be Counted project Group, however, your district will not be identified.
      The survey takes approximately 2 minutes to complete. The Survey should be completed by 7/1.

    National School Health Data Set: Every Student Counts

    The new National Association of School Nurses (NASN) data Initiative is designed to encourage a robust national school health data set that will:

    • Influence local, state, and national student health policy;
    • Identify best practices in school health; and
    • Better understand child health.

    This design will lead to policies that better support the needs of students, increase evidence-based school nursing practice, and better youth health outcomes.

    Data helps build bridges that connect school nursing to the rest of the health care system. This initiative provides the support and structure for the collection and use of data by every school nurse. Read the complete initiative vision document.

    For more information, please contact Dr. Erin Maughan, data.research@nasn.org, Director of Research, National Association of School Nurses.

    Updated 8/20/19

Last Modified on August 20, 2019